by Roger

Scott Lagasse Jr. and TeamSLR fans were not disappointed on Saturday night. Fans were hoping for a great evening of racing and they got their money’s worth when the Late Model Feature Race took to the track. The night started on a great note for TeamSLR, as Scott Lagasse and Lightning in afternoon practice
Jr., driving “Lightning”, the Boy Scouts of America Built Race Car, took the lead early in the heat race to capture the 8-lap Heat Race in his Alert Today Florida, BugOut Service, Pinch A Penny Pools Camaro.

“The track is still slick but it should be really fast for the feature tonight. Our Scout Built Car ‘Lightning’ needs some adjustments and is going to have to be better
for the feature to outrun some of the good cars here tonight. We will go to work and figure it out,” said Scott Jr.

During the intermission, Scott Jr. participated in a meet-and-greet with the fans of VSP. He signed autographs and took pictures with the loyal fans.
Afterwards, Scott cheered the kids on as many took part in the bicycle race along the
front straight. Scott Jr. awarded the winner of each class, an Alert Today Florida hat and shirt. To the delight of the fans, Scott even test drove the winners bike. Once the bike race was over, Scott Jr’s focus turned to the Scout Built car “Lightning”. Scott Jr. and the TeamSLR crew members worked diligently to prepare the car for the feature race.

Scott Jr. would line up third for the race after the draw to invert the top-six. When the green flag dropped the fans were on their feet as the three wide racing heated up quickly. After the first couple laps, it was clear that Scott Jr. would have to work hard to win this one as the leader was really hooked up and Scott Jr.’s battle to catch and pass the second place car was intense.

Scott Jr. worked several grooves around the track looking for the optimum line for the cars handling. After working on the second place car for 14 laps, he made the pass and set his sights on the leader. Scott Jr. continued trying different lines but his car was no match for the leader at this point of the race. He was still seven car links back and not gaining. With 6 laps to go, the yellow came out for the final caution. Scott Jr. put his experience and skills to work as he made a great restart, and the fans new the race was on now. Side by side at the start line, Scott Jr. was on the inside and the green flag waved. The two would enter turn one dead even and through the middle of the corner the two touched with Scott Jr. taking the lead.

Scott Jr. and “Lightning,” ran their fastest laps of the race for the next 5 laps with the earlier leader closing every lap. With the checkered flag waving and Scott Jr. exiting turn four for the final time, the second place car made a daring attempt for the pass, sliding into Scott Jr. &”Lightning.” The hard contact with the left side of the car sent Scott Jr. up the track, but he was able to save the car from spinning, as the earlier leader spun around. Scott Jr. and “Lightning” took the checkered flag and chalked up another hard earned victory.

“This is an awesome win for us. We all worked hard for this win tonight and I know the fans loved it. Thank you to Alert Today Florida, Pinch A Penny Pools, BugOut Service and the St. Augustine Alligator Farm for their support. Thanks to all of the Boy Scouts who helped build ‘Lightning.’ We were a little off tonight on our adjustments but you can’t always have the fastest car or everything just the way you want it. Sometimes if you keep digging hard and believing, you can still succeed,” said Lagasse.

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